Romantic Dinner – Da Pani E Casu

Nothing more romantic than a dinner at Castello in Cagliari

A good restaurant overlooking the city

Let’s start by seeing where it is located

The restaurant is located in via santa croce 51 and is a Sardinian restaurant

This means that its cuisine is purely Sardinian in fact you can find … and I stress … you can (because you don’t always find everything) suckling pig, stewed wild boar, fried raviolini, culurgiones, donkey meat, wild boar stew, malloreddus, land appetizers, seadas etc

As I said, the menu is very vast … but what I mentioned above .. is not always present

I’ll give you an example

When I went to dinner … I asked for ravioli … and among those on the menu … they only had the stuffing and dressing of artichokes and I must say …

I don’t like artichokes … but the filling was very delicate so yeah … i ate them all by the way … prepared by them.

The dishes are beautiful abundant … so..you will not starve.

The menu is written in Sardinian (quiet … there is a translation)

To be in the historic area … the prices are more than fair, in the end like those you find in the center

I also have to clarify one thing … the internal room is present and does not take away obviously in the height of summer … you prefer to stay out … and you have to book

So have you decided to drop by Pani E Casu?

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