Da Geppo Restaurant – Cagliari

I went to this restaurant today for lunch..

We were passing through and stopped for lunch

this restaurant is located in San gavino Monreale in the province of Cagliari

it’s one of my favorite places..spend little and eat not only well..but a lot.

By reading my blog.. you will have learned that I like to eat..

and French cuisine or places with poor dishes .. are not for me

so..if you are like me..you must go there absolutely

inside you will find a few seats .. so it would be appropriate to call.

the service is fast and the proposals are of the day..so..

two alternatives for the first and two for the second

same speech for sweets

we had an Arrabiata and a seafood as first course

instead as a second stew

a bottle of water..and coffee..for a total of โ‚ฌ16 each

as you can see .. the dishes are plentiful ..

so go hungry.

the seafood first course was good and the slipper was a must

instead the stew was butter.. very tender

while the angry .. was very angry

the place is clean like the restrooms.

don’t expect anything fancy..

because it is a place where workers usually stop for lunch

in fact, the style is very typical of a trattoria

but as already written .. it is for those who love to eat

otherwise I wouldn’t post anything.

all that you will see of the places visited by me..is because I have tried them and I recommend them to you..

I’m not interested in my blog to give bad publicity to anyone

that’s why some places I don’t recommend them to you.. I don’t publish them

but I do the opposite to suggest where to go to eat

I’ll leave you the phone number.. if you want to drop by

telephone: 3494139188

via villacidro, 80 09037 San gavino Monreale ( us)

timetables :

Wednesday 12:30โ€“15:30

Thursday 12:30โ€“15:30

Friday 12:30โ€“15:30

Saturday 12:30โ€“15:30 20:30โ€“23

Sunday 12:30โ€“15:30

Monday closed

Tuesday 12:30โ€“15:30


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