Fish Restaurant – I Recommend Mari Mannu

The Mari Mannu restaurant can be found in Via Corso Vittorio Emanuele II n⁰206

The fish is very fresh … prepared and cooked to perfection

the dishes are super abundant and you will get up from the table super full but satisfied

if you take the appetizers, it will be a pleasure with every bite … I’ll show you some photos

but besides them there were also orziadas and morsels .. fish balls

Which I haven’t had time to photograph since how good

they were we then ordered two starters … one was ravioli with grouper and hazelnut pesto while the other was pasta with scampi..gamberoni

what to say … one better than the other as

for the place instead … clean and nice

entering the restaurant you will find in front of you a vastness of fish wanting to choose a second …

just go to the counter to get you to prepare what you want it is open for both lunch and dinner ..

obviously by reservation the staff is delightful … Cute ..

kind and helpful like the owners of the restaurant the prices are right … as you can see in the picture …

I recommend it because I’ve been going there for years

The food is good and everything is excellent

if you want you can also find outdoor tables and with a hot day like today …

it’s ideal then it is two steps away … and I mean two .. from piazza yennne .. where you can enjoy a good ice cream

Or just take a walk what more could you ask for? Nothing … this is perfection

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